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Exhibition in the Aeroclub de France - Paris 2013 / 2014

Exhibition in the "Aéroclub de France" - Paris from the 29th of Oct 2013 to the 6th of Jan 2014.

Thanks to "Style & Design" company and the "Aeroclub de France " for organising the exhibition.


Exhibition in Le Bourget Air show 2013

Exhibition in the press centre of the Le Bourget Airshow, made available by the Gifas, a French aerospace industries association.

Thanks to Olivier Meyer -  President of Style and Design company for organising the event and for sponsoring the exhibition.


Exhibition in Aerospace Valley forum, Arcachon

The exhibition took place to the Aerospace Valley Forum, the16th and 17th of  May 2013 at the convention hall  "Palais des Congrés" in Arcachon. The pictures bellow do not show the large variety of participants and exhibitors.

I specially think about the very innovative Xplorair project by Michel Aguilar.

Thanks a lot to Sylvie Lagarrigue and Gérard ladier for inviting me to this event.


Exhibition in Airbus Central Entity, Blagnac

The exhibition took place in Airbus Central Centity from the 2nd of April to 15th of may 2013


Pictures soon available.


Exhibition in Airbus France, Saint Martin du Touch

The exhibition took place in Airbus France from the 7th of Jan to 2nd of April 2013

A vernissage was organised the 22nd of January.

It was real pleasure to show my work to my colleagues, friends and family.


Very big thanks to Olivier Meyer, President of Style and Design company for sponsoring the exhibition by financing all prints.


Photo by : Pascal Pigeyre - EXM company


Exhibition in "La citée de l'espace", Toulouse

The exhibition took place the 12th of April  2011, in the space Museum "La citée de l'espace" in Toulouse.

I was invited to present the Horny moon space shuttle concept during the "Yuri's night". This event was organized to commemorate the first manned space flight.

Exhibition in "Le musée de l'air et de l'espace", Paris - Le Bourget

The exhibition took place from the 18th to 20th of June 2010, in the Air and Space Museum in Paris - Le Bourget.

I was invited to present the flying yacht & the sailing aircraft concepts.