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Flagellum oscillator prototype

Aircraft type: flagellum oscillator
Engine: High frequency shudderer "Cannac & Segonds"
Manufacturer: Aerocoché

Maximal speed: 940 km/h

Test flight pilot: Commandant Valérie De Lhom

Designer: Yelken Octuri

  • Wingspan: 21,4 mètres
  • Length: 19,2 mètres
  • Height: 3,8 mètres

The prototype of the Flagellum Oscillator has been developed and manufactured by Aerocoché for a series of researches of an alternate solution to traditional propulsion systems.

The propulsion engine and flagellum apparatus was designed by the Cannac & Segonds” research laboratory.

Despite an exceptional maneuverability, the prototype didn’t result in a mass production because of excessive vibrations when the flagellum starts up. When it the vibrator of the shaker is pulled by the rocking oscillator, it resonates excessively at the launch of the shudderer.



Design & 3D & Copyright by Yelken Octuri


The text above is fictional. Any resemblance to actual events is purely coincidental

All rights reserved